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3D can stay at the movies

4 Feb

First published on MyBroadband | 04 February, 2010

The first movie I saw in 3D was Up, in the middle of last year. Now I am a huge fan of anything that comes out of Pixar and Up did not disappoint. The only distraction I had was trying to keep my four-year-old son from taking his glasses off. Eventually I gave up and I guess he saw a blurry version of the movie while the rest of us were enjoying the film.

When Avatar came out I dragged my girlfriend along to the movie on the Thursday before it officially opened and I made sure we watched in 3D and I was not disappointed.

The greatest part of both those experiences is that it really allows you to immerse yourself in the film as film makers seem to have understood that 3D is not about scaring the crap out of your audiences, but rather adding an additional dimension to the viewing experience.

For some reason the technology gods have decided that it is not good enough to have 3D tech in the cinemas, but we also need it in our lounges as well.

Personally, I am not completely sold on this idea. From my cinema experience I can see the value of immersing your audience in the movie and if you were watching a movie at home there is an argument to be made for watching movies in 3D, but for me this is where it ends.

When it comes to 3D tech there are two options, either you have a special screen that provides you with some level of depth or you have to wear glasses to ensure you get the full 3D effect.

The only reason I would want a 3D capable TV would be to play games on it. Firstly because games are a focused activity only the people actively playing the game need to have the equipment – with TV broadcasts, or even with sport I struggle to see the point of doing this in 3D.

The reality of the situation is that for 90% of television viewing activities there is no call for 3D. If the television companies are throwing in the tech for free that is one issue, but if this is something that I am expected to pay extra for I think I will take a pass this time.

I’ll get my 3D fix in the cinema and stick to 2D at home, thanks very much.